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Winco Generators

Winco Generators

Winco Corporation is located in Le Center, Minnesota and has been in the generator business for more than 75 Years. Winco focuses on providing quality generator products including: Home and light Commercial Standby Power, Home and Commercial Portable Generators, PTO Generators, Two Bearing Generators, Mobile Diesel, Mobile Lighting, and Automatic Transfer Switches. Winco offers a complete line of small to medium sized output generator products for the home, farming, and light commercial marketplaces.

Home and Light Commercial Standby Generators

Winco's line of Standby Generators are referred to as Packaged Standbys and include twenty product offerings with output capacities from 5.5 kW to 25kw. The smallest of these units is actually a portable generator with a power transfer switch sold as a kit. The units in the remainder of the line are outside enclosure units ranging from 8 kW to 75 kw operating on liquid propane (LP) or natural gas. Winco offers enough variety to be able to safely power an entire home or small business (or partial emergency circuits only). Winco designs and builds their own line of automatic power transfer switches that enable fully automatic line monitoring and generator startup in the case of utility power failure.

    Winco 12 kW home standby generator         Winco 25 kW light commercial standby generator
                Winco home and light commercial standby generators

Portable Generators

Home Portable

Winco home portable generators are designed with the homeowner in mind and provide reliable power in case of emergency. They include nine units ranging from 2.3 kW to 8 kW of output. This is actually 4 different genset outputs but when the various fuel configurations are considered the units offered they appear to be 9 different units.
    Winco 2.3 kW home Portable generator            Winco 5.5 kW home Portable generator
               Winco home portable generators

Commercial Portable

Winco commercial portable generators are designed for heavy duty use on the commercial jobsite. This line of generators include approximately fifteen units ranging from 2.5 kW to 15.0 kW of output (although most units are between 5kW to 9 kW), and includes one 6.0 kW diesel powered unit. Winco has available heavy duty wheel kits, line voltage meters, covers, and transfer switches as accessories for these portable generators. Winco commercial portable generators come with a 2 year warranty.

    Winco 4.5 kW commercial         Winco 25 kW light commercial standby generator
                Winco commercial portable generators

Mobile Diesel

Winco's line of mobile diesel generators are heavy duty industrial units mounted on a single or dual axle trailer and are ready to deliver 5.5 kW to 75 kW of power to the jobsite. There is even a special version of this line that is a mobile outdoor light tower to illuminate work sites at night when needed. The light Tower boom retracts and can be folded down for transport. Of course the generator on the mobile light tower can also be used to power tools at the jobsite.

    Winco 6 kW Mobile Diesel                 Winco 36 kW Mobile Diesel
                Winco Mobile Diesel generators

PTO and Generator Heads

Winco carries a complete line of PTO (power take off) generators and generator heads. The Winco PTO generators include eighteen models that are axle mounted, trailer mounted and / or three point hitch mounted units. These units are available in power output ratings from 7kW to 150 kW for agricultural purposes and fit the needs of the hobby farmer to the large scale producer.

    Winco_PTO_25kw Generators         Winco_PTO_25kw Generators
                Winco Power Take Off (PTO) Generators
Company Information

In 1927, John and Gerhard Albers, developed a method for recharge a six-volt storage battery using a wind generator. The device was called "The Wincharger." and became it so popular in Iowa rural and farm communities that by 1935 the Wincharger company was incorporated and manufacturing had moved to Sioux City to keep up with demand. Wincharger was acquired by the Zenith Corporation in 1937 as an accessory to their radio product line. Winco developed additional products of increasing voltages leading up to the Dynamotor that was popular during World War II. Post War product development brought new designs of Dynamotors, inverters, alternators, Winchargers, engine-driven generators, transistorized converters, ground electrical support equipment and radio receiving sets.

In 1950, Winco introduced a line of power take off (PTO) generators designed to run off of the power takeoff drive of farm tractors. By 1952 Winco had developed a line of portable engine-driven generators for home, commercial, and light industrial applications. Winco continued making stride in R&D including the first automated throttle control, and automatic power transfer switches, and heavy-duty motor starting applications.

By the mid 70's, Winco had become a major supplier of generators to the rental and construction markets. In 1978, Winco began producing water-cooled generators.

In the early 80's the Dynamaxx generators were introduced including a Quick-Link voltage reconnection board and advanced technology microprocessor controls. Late in the 80's came the Dyna Pro series, the Pro-X series, and Tri-Fuel portable generators for the consumer/homeowner markets.

In the 90's Winco introduced the Dyna brand name to target the consumer-oriented portable generators market and a line of Honda powered portable generators for the construction market.

Today, Winco's many customers continue to benefit from over 75 years of generator manufacturing experience.