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Kohler Power System Inc.

Most people recognize Kohler as a worldwide leader in plumbing products. What many people might not know is that the Kohler family of businesses extends far beyond the kitchen and bath.

Kohler has a long established history of building quality generator products going back to 1920. Today the Kohler generator line ranges from 2.5 to 2000 kW and includes components such as controls, transfer switches, switchgear, microturbines for emergency standby and prime power system solutions. Kohler even has a service unit that provides mobile power and another that specializes in providing power, (and other services) to outdoor special events, anywhere, upon demand.

Kohler generator product offerings are organized into three separate lines: Residential Power (home standby generators), Mobile (RV) Generators, and Marine Generators.

Residential Generators

Kohler home standby generators are available in output wattages ranging from 8.5 to 100 kW. All Kohler generators can be run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG) as a fuel and each comes in an attractive sound attenuated enclosure. These units are permanently installed outside a residential dwelling and are capable of providing all (or partial) electric power to a home when the utility power fails. These units are installed with Kohler's own automatic switching and control hardware for safe operation.

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Mobile Generators

Kohler Mobile Generators are specially designed to be mounted on a road vehicle, (RV, camper, bus, truck, etc). These units are quiet, very compact and you can choose one that runs on propane, gasoline, or diesel fuel. LP models range in output from 7 kW to 12 kW, gasoline models range from 5 kW to 12 kW, and diesel fuel models are available in outputs from 7.5 kW up to 20 kW. Standard equipment includes KOHLER's PowerBoostT voltage regulator, these generators are designed to start quickly and smoothly.

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Marine Generators

Kohler marine generators are specially designed to provide power for boating applications. These units are offered in both diesel and gasoline fuel models. The diesel models range in output from 3.5 kW to 150 kW , while the gasoline models range in output from 4 kW to 20 kW. In addition Kohler offers a special line of "Low CO2", (available only in gasoline powered). All Kohler marine generators include the following features: 1) A KOHLER-designed PowerBoostT and Fast ResponseT voltage regulators, 2)automatic shutdown in the event of: loss of coolant, low oil pressure, and high water temperature, 3) single-side access for routine maintenance check, 4) aluminum sound shield insulated modular panels to silence the generator.

Low CO
The new low carbon monoxide KOHLER gasoline generators significantly reduce CO emissions by 99 percent, confirmed by both EPA emissions and Kohler reliability tests. KOHLER Low CO gasoline generators exceed both CARB and EPA standards for Co and HC + NOx emission levels, and because they incorporate the KOHLER Advanced Digital Control (ADC) and remote digital gauge, they are as easy to use as and they are clean on the environment. Featuring an electronic fuel injection system, KOHLER Low CO marine generators are also extremely fuel efficient, and are backed by the Kohler Power Systems warranty and global support network.

       Kohler Low CO Low CO Emission generator
       Kohler Diesel Marine Kohler Diesel Marine generator

Company Information

Beginning in 1873, the company got its start producing cast iron and steel implements for farmers when a 29-year-old Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler purchased the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry. In 1883 the company began applying baked enamel coating to a Kohler horse trough / hog scalder, thus creating the Kohler bathtub. From then on, Kohler was in the plumbing business.

In 1920, Kohler expanded its product line to include generators for the rural farm market which the company had historically been servicing. Its first generator product or "electric plant" was called the Kohler Automatic Power & Light. This early generator supplied power for lights, equipment, and for pumping water. With electricity came hot water, indoor toilets, bathtubs, and other conveniences to rural farm life.

In 1929 Kohler supplied five "electric plants" to Admiral Richard Byrd's first Antarctic trip. Two of these model K units provided power to the base camp of Little America. In 1934, on the return expedition, these same generators were reused after only drying out the spark plugs and re-priming the engines, even though they had been dormant for five years.

In the post-war mid-1940s, Kohler focused on expanding kilowatt ranges and by the early-1950s, larger diesel powered generators were being manufactured.

Kohler's ongoing product design and innovation have led the way to a diverse portfolio of respected brand names with operations on six continents. Today, the Kohler family of businesses creates products that for the kitchen and bath, engines and generators, furniture and accessories, cabinetry and tile, as well as resort, recreation and real estate. Throughout it's nearly 132-year history the Kohler Co. has remained true to it's founding vision of defining the frontiers of ideas, craftsmanship and technology. Throughout the years Kohler has led the way in product design with a commitment to quality over a broad range of price points. Today Kohler is made up of more than 28,000 associates worldwide.